Curators. Innovators. Disrupters. Athletes.

We are Top Dawg Basketball.


Top Dawg is made up of basketball curators who relentlessly pursue innovation in all aspects of basketball, including training techniques, on-court drills, mechanics, nutrition, agility drills, stretching and basketball-specific weight training in order to maximize each athlete’s potential. We work with highly creative coaches and trainers who are only interested in results. Our tools, frameworks, systems and methods provide athletes of any age the proper structure required for long-term growth and skill development.

Top Dawg’s staff of innovators has developed teaching techniques that maximize the athlete’s potential; techniques that were developed under the tutelage of many game changers from the NBA including legendary coaches Jack Ramsay and Chuck Daly; NBA greats Chris Webber, Charles Barkley as well as several NBA teams.

At Top Dawg, we invest our time and resources in each player to accelerate their natural athletic ability and improve their skill set to push them beyond what they could achieve on their own. Our team helps each athlete exceed their limitations and grow in early stages of their basketball career and through adulthood. We utilize our network of experts to customize a plan that fits each individual’s needs, utilizing proven methods that create sustainable methods.

Top Dawg fulfills its mission by creating the proper foundation and strategy for each player to establish a clear path to maximizing potential while creating predictable success.

Quite simply, we take passion and desire and create amazing basketball players.


At Top Dawg, we are not conventional; we are disrupters! Convention causes stagnation. Disruption creates a change.

Basketball players are born from passion, but the world is full of coaches who lack the expertise, training or mentality to recognize and foster talent. This creates stagnation in the athlete. At Top Dawg, we are disrupters. We don’t put limitations on athletes; we help them overcome them and reach their potential. We don’t recognize the word “can’t,” and only operate under the methodology of “can.”

We believe passion creates basketball players, but drive, fueled by our roadmap to success, creates amazing.

Convention says most basketball players don’t make it to the NBA; disrupters say with the right coaching and training, you can reach the stratosphere! The NBA has athletes who are not conventional, yet they are successful. We can provide the tools to make athletes game changers.

Our Team

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